In this article, we will figure out with you what an essay is and how to write it correctly.

The essay is one of the unique literary genres. It is a short essay on any topic that is written on a given question. The main feature is the author's design in a freestyle, which is more to your liking. Let's break down in detail what essay usa reviews are and how to write them correctly.

What is an essay: definition
The word "essay" came to us from the French exagium - "weighing". It is also translated as an essay, an experience, an attempt. In essence, it is a small free-form essay and small in size. Usually an essay expresses an opinion on a particular issue. It is strictly individual, because everyone expresses their own opinion, impressions, thoughts and experiences, not someone else's.

Among the attributes of an essay are:

There is a specific question that is answered. The essay addresses broad issues that cannot knowingly be performed in this genre
An essay allows you to express personal impressions on a given question and does not pretend to be a detailed treatment of the subject
Usually, an essay implies a new word colored with meaning. A wide variety of styles may be used in such a work
The essay assesses, first of all, the personality of the author - how he looks at the world, what he thinks and feels
Recently, the genre has become especially popular.

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